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  • Denise Richards / Parfumologie
  • Errol Flynn / Anything Marketing
  • Hot Kiss / Horner enterprises
  • Original Swiss Guard
  • Trina / Beauty & Fashion Inc.
  • Apple Bottoms / BLU
  • Charmed / BLU
  • Hypnotica / BLU
  • Nicky de St Phalle / Beaute Marketing
  • MTV / IMA
  • Warner Bros / IMA
  • Disney / BTB
  • Harley Davidson / CMM Trading
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Licensing properties

Licensing and marketing perfumes & beauty products can be challenging for many brand owners as well as licensees. We are proud to say that getting deals done for our clients is very rewarding! 

We have negotiated, structured and executed a wide spectrum of projects including the licensing, creation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of selective brands worldwide for both sides. Drawing on our unique experience as both  deal-maker and licensing/marketing consultant, we guide clients with a thorough understanding of the beauty world and inbound/outbound marketing.


Brand evaluation to match brand with licensee

One of the most critical and often overlooked aspects of a major license program is to truly understand the strategy, positioning and values of the brand to effectively communicate them to licensee. This is a prerequisite to successfully designing and selling licensed goods into the licensee’s market. We will assist you in fulfilling this objective with the following:

  • Brand relevance and evaluation of the brand’s potential into the global beauty market.
  • Market, Competitive analysis, and risks assessment. 
  • Licensing return valuation, product positioning, offering, and preliminary business plan.
  • Qualifying prospective Licensee through Multivariate search; Size, territory, years in operation, potential conflict of interest etc.
  • Meeting with and presenting to prospective Licensees.
  • Drafting license contract.


License search

We will show you available licenses, or maybe get you the license you are seeking. We will offer a fresh approach to bringing fragrances to the market with innovation and new marketing techniques like social media marketing; viral publicity campaign; word of mouth. If needed we will help you with license negotiation and contracts, business and marketing plan, sales organization, creation and manufacturing process as well as distribution, domestic and international.

  • License search 
  • Brand feasibility evaluation
  • License negotiation
  • Deal memos
  • Licensing contract revisions
  • Business and marketing plan