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We have more than twenty years of relationship building under our belts, proven know-how demonstrated on hundreds of deals done in the perfume and beauty industry with Marketers and their investors. Simply put, we are the beauty Industry LinkedIn.

As a result, we have the contacts clients want and the expertise clients need to execute complex, highly-sophisticated transactions and financing.

Clients also benefit from our deep sense of the market, knowledge we use to provide advice. As an independent firm free from bias and conflicts of interest we delivers the smart, straight-forward advisory services you are looking for.

  • Data mining and business intelligence
  • Business & marketing plan.
  • Due diligence, proposal memo, contract drafting etc…
  • Capital raising, Merger & acquisition…
  • Joint ventures

Business need advice but they also need capital. We know how and where to find the money.

  • Large database and network of Angel investors and capital venture firms.
  • Database of industry specialized investment groups and banks.