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Distribution Channels

Perfume distribution worldwide is fairly simple with its two main channels Domestic market and Duty free market handled through affiliates, distributors and agents. In United States and some other countries there is a third channel so called parallel or gray market re-named few years ago as the “secondary market.” This channel is handled by a network of illegitimate importers/distributors, and wholesalers to service the non-agreed retailers, chain stores and other discount retailers. This secondary market is so complex due to national and international sources coming from large duty-free retailers, legitimate distributors from other countries needing to make their quotas, as well as the brand factories themselves. A product sold on the gray market in the U.S. can be discounted from 65% to 85% cheaper than the U.S. retail price. All together conservatively  it is about 100,000 companies (Marketers, distributors, retailers) involved with perfume worldwide, 30,000+ are in our database.


Marketers connecting with independent distributors.

Although  10 perfume marketers/manufacturers represent 70% of the global industry 37billion dollars , the remaining 30% is manufactured and marketed by more than 3800 companies worldwide of which 2200 are already indexed in our database.  These marketers usually do not open their own subsidiaries but work with independent distributors 480 + are in our database.


The United States Perfume Retail Landscape
Perfumery chains like Sephora, Ulta, Perfumania, Spritz with all the department stores and independent perfumery stores, apothecaries, pharmacies, drugstores and mass retailers  added to duty free stores and internet represent the US perfume retail landscape (30,000 doors). 

Around 20,000 about 1500 buyers are available in our database at our affiliated company