• French Alchemist
  • Mercedes-Benz 
  • Hypnotica
  • Vertigo
  • Hot Kiss
  • Charmed
  • Borneo
  • Errol Flynn
  • Trina
  • Swiss Guard
  • Disney
  • Warner bros.
  • MTV
  • Space
  • Bar a Parfums
  • Harley Davidson
  • Fleurs de Provence
  • Floressence
  • Creation
  • Development
  • Manufacturing

Research & discovery leading to creation, 

Research on brand positioning, competition, trends, insights analytic about what the brand stands for, its values and personality, its  positioning against its competition. Selection and presentation of matching industry designers (help in the selection)
Preparation of the Perfumer's brief and the designer's brief. Study of the COG and establishment of a project time table & a specifications book.

  • Sometime the brand awareness  is enough to carry the weight of the project sometimes you need to add  a concept
  • Perfume creation
  • Inner packaging design
  • Outer packaging design


The perfume creation process follows a well established modus operandi

  • Creation of the perfumer’s brief.
  • Selection of the perfumers and fragrance design companies.
  • Follow-up with the chosen perfumer and fragrance design company.
  • Fragrance research
  • Performance testing (silage and lasting power).
  • Industry and consumers testing.
  • Negotiation prices and requirements.


Packaging is sometimes overlooked but it should not be that way.

  • Negotiation prices and requirements COG
  • Creation of the designer’s brief.
  • Selection of the possible designers
  • Follow-up with the chosen designer
  • Concept design Primary Packaging (Bottle) 
  • Secondary Packaging (box, ancillaries etc...) 
  • Concept optimization & realization
  • Packaging primary and secondary (mock up, prototypes etc…)



Manufacturing  locally vs outsourcing?

Depending on your positioning (mass, masstige, selective) we will give you our best advices.

  • Selection of the suppliers (Bottles, boxes, pumps etc…) 
  •  Negotiation with suppliers and contract manufacturers.  
  •  Final price structure for each SKU (COG’s). 
  •  Creation of a schedule (retro-planning/timeline)
  •  Assessment of manufacturing capabilities.
  •  Creation of the Bill of Materials (BOM)