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Beauty licensing & marketing experts

Pommier LLC. Is a licensing and marketing firm specialized in the perfume and beauty market. The principals have structured and executed a wide spectrum of projects including the licensing, creation, manufacture, marketing and distribution of selective brands worldwide. Drawing on our unique experience as both deal makers and licensing/marketing consultants, we guide our clients with a thorough understanding of the worldwide beauty market.

Before founding Pommier LLC., Bernard Pommier was co-founder and president of BLU INC. (Beauty License Unlimited), a boutique licensing and marketing firm later acquired by Mane USA. There he served as President, senior managing director, and head of Licensing. In addition, he served on the executive boards of many companies related to the perfume and beauty industry, including industry trade publications and tradeshows, as well as a jury and board member for related associations. Bernard Pommier is also on the board of Quick Social, a company dedicated to social media marketing and communication software development. Bernard Pommier was among the few people pioneering the rise of the internet in 1995 with, a specialized online magazine about perfumery, followed in 2000 by the launch of the first online B2B for the beauty industry. 


As a Licensor you need to know

We will answer questions such as: “Can my Brand build incremental equity into the beauty world, and with whom?”. We will bring knowledgeable and innovative license partners committed to your brand for the long term.  They will share your values, culture, etc.. They will have business objectives converging with yours; they will provide world-class consumer insight and R&D capabilities with access to your core-consumers.


Are you looking for a brand?

We will show you available licenses or maybe we will get you the license you are seeking. We will offer a fresh approach to bringing fragrances to market with innovation and new marketing techniques, such as social media marketing; viral publicity campaign; word of mouth. If needed we will help you with license negotiation and contracts, business and marketing plan, sales organization, creation and manufacturing process as well as distribution, domestic and international.