Pommier LLC is a one stop licensing and marketing firm focused in helping luxury licensors and perfume manufacturers/marketers. Pommier's principals have proven experience in the field:

Thanks to a history of innovative and successful partnering, with a strong focus on meeting licensor & licensee needs and visions, Pommier llc has proven creation and R&D experience. As well as a strong distribution network and demonstrated  marketing expertise. As an insider of the perfume/fragrance industry, the firm holds a record of successful product life-cycle management. and a flexible approach to partnership (a la carte).

Industry business intelligence 

  • Data mining, competition study, panels, positioning, online reputation monitoring
  • Business plan, marketing plan, distribution test market
  • R&D, COG, BOM, suppliers sourcing, manufacturing retro-planing, 
  • Customers survey, ROI calculation, M&A


Perfume Industry is generating about 37 billion USD representing a fourth of the global beauty industry.

The perfume industry as well as its parent the beauty industry is divided into 3 main categories:
1. The Suppliers:
Fragrance and raw material manufacturers, chemical and natural products suppliers, packaging and components manufacturers and finally industry services and consultants (including designers, press, PR, and logistics.
2. The Marketers:
The marketers are the beauty manufacturers their distributors and agents.
3. The retailers:
The global retail landscape is divided in two major distribution channels:
(a) Domestic market: Department stores, specialty stores, perfumery chain stores, independent perfumeries, apothecaries, pharmacies, SPA's, beauty stores, resort stores, Mass merchandisers, Food supermarket, drugstores, flea markets, and finally direct sales including door to door, TV shopping, internet and mailed catalogs.
(b) Duty free market: Airport duty free operators, Airlines, cruise ship companies and facilitators, Diplomat and military stores.
Another channel in the grey area of our industry called now the secondary market is a network of wholesalers trading beauty products as a commodity regardless of origins and distribution rights.


  • Data Mining
  • Industry database
  • Market intelligence 
  • Industry Social media groups control
  • B2B and B4B internet tools
  • Personal network of industry deciders


About your brand and where the opportunity lay? So many questions to be answered…

  • Selective, mastige or mass market?
  • Domestic  or global
  • Men, women or both
  • Age group or not
  • Perfume, perfume+ ancillaries, full beauty
  • Brick & mortar, +digital, digital only
  • Brand recognition, equity
  • Position among the competition
  • Brand control?


The plan

It does not matter what segmentation or what channel you will choose, drafting a marketing plan is always wise to evaluate your opportunities and build your strategy to reduce your time to market successfully. The marketing plan will also help you to maximize the evolution and attributions of your marketing mix toward your product life cycle.
  • Knowledge
  • Tools
  • Network

Experience, relationship, collaboration
At Pommier LLC. we have built our business through a privileged and personalized long-lasting relationship with the beauty Industry.  Our focused commitment and knowledge of this industry has already clearly marked the difference among our competition resulting in the successful launches we have been involved with.

Thanks to our partner company Quicksocial we have access to advanced internet marketing tools.

  • Data mining
  • Competition analytic s, 
  • Consumers reactions to products, brand, trends, needs
  • SEO search engine optimization
  • SMO social media optimization

Due to our previous life experiences, we have access to the world's largest industry network.

We also belong to all the professional associations, attend all related trade shows, and manage many professional groups in various social media


About us

Pommier LLC is a one stop licensing and marketing firm focusing in helping luxury licensors and perfume manufacturers/marketers. Pommier's principals have a proven  experience in the field:

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